DSI FZE as a leading supplier of tools and equipment for oilfield sector underpins with the Code of Conduct its zero tolerance towards any form of corporate misconduct and sets out the general rules for compliant behavior within the SCHOELLER-BLECKMANN OILFIELD EQUIPMENT AG (SBO) group.

The Executive Board of SBO dedicates itself to long-term oriented, prudent and diligent management of the company. The Code of Conduct has been set up to promote to our managers, employees of our Group, and persons undertaking activities for or on behalf of SBO how we understand legal and ethical behavior and require them to act accordingly. We also request our customers and suppliers to subject themselves to a proper Code of Conduct and consider specific aspects of compliant behavior in our supplier assessment processes.

Long-term growth requires sustainable steering of the company. Continuous improvement of products, value adding by selective expansion and acquisition, implementation of more efficient internal processes, supply chain relationship maintenance, and a healthy and motivated workforce are essential to grow SBO in the long run. We believe that providing highest quality is key to take future opportunities in an international environment and have therefore based our sustainability strategy on the principle of “Quality First”.

We try to approach new challenges open-minded and by taking into consideration the ideas and opinions of the many people who we trust. It is our belief that good corporate governance shall not only fulfill legal requirements, but also motivate people to proactively engage in exchanges of ideas and raise complaints where necessary to combat inefficiencies. Anonymized reporting channels have been implemented to approach the management of SBO directly even in cases where conventional reporting might be disconcerting.

Diligent management requires to not omit or take actions against irresponsible risks of SBO, its employees and the environment. Our compliance system is based on the four “AAAAs” Access, Awareness, Advice and Audit, and follows a risk-based approach. We take the standards set out in the Code of Conduct seriously and also require our managers, employees of our Group, and persons undertaking activities for or on behalf of SBO to do so. Every manager and employee of SBO shall be obliged to seek advice regarding application and interpretation of the rules and recommendations in the Code of Conduct and request guidance wherever needed.

The Code of Conduct is based on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (2011 Edition) and considers the guidelines and principles set out in the UN Global Compact.

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