The Simplicity of the PBL® Bypass System Allowed A Crew With No Previous Operating Experience To Successfully Run it By Following The Manual


As part of their drilling program in a deep-offshore remote location in West Africa, an operator wanted to raise the BHA at TD to the 9 5/8 inch casing shoe and activate (open) the DSI PBL® Bypass Tool to circulate through at 800 gpm. This was meant to clean out the potential cuttings bed accumulated in the casing prior to running the first gravel pack completion assembly. The drilling crew had not run the PBL® Bypass System in some time.


The PBL® Bypass System’s latest Operating Instructions were shared with the rig crew. Running a circulating sub was part of the service company’s pre-job briefing and the customer’s pre-run meeting, and the PBL® Bypass System was successfully tested in the workshop prior to being loaded out to the drilling rig.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The PBL® Bypass System demonstrated that it is a very simple tool to operate if the steps clearly outlined in the Instruction Manual are strictly adhered to. Furthermore, the Troubleshooting segment in the Operating Instructions provides remedial and contingent processes if and when any issues are encountered. And to top it all, the DSI PBL® dedicated Technical Support is also available 24/7 to assist if needed.

Key facts