DSI’s PBL® BYPASS SYSTEM was activated using the Fast Ball in a heavy mud weight scenario in Mexico’s South region and allowed pumping an innovative mud lubricant containing glass beads which helps to reduce torque and drag while drilling or running the casing


A major service company working in Mexico requested a 6-3/4” DSI PBL® bypass system to be used in a directional BHA with special logging requirements. In this application, an innovative additive would be displaced in the mud system at the end of the run in order to reduce the torque and drag while running the casing to TD. This lubricant is made of solid, tempered and hardened glass beads that work as small bearings which would not break even under extreme compression.

This additive brings many benefits to the operation such as preventing differential sticking, mud system lubrication greatly reducing the torque and drag in deviated wells either while drilling or running the casing down.


The best solution for pumping down this mud additive without taking any risk of BHA damage is to have the PBL tool in place. The tool was activated at 6,328m using the fast ball, and activation was confirmed in a short period of time (a little over 40 minutes). Then, 10m3 of lubricant pill with a concentration of 30kg/m3 and 500–800 microns were pumped at 300GPM and 1,700psi.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Reduce rig time and perform best drilling practices by using the PBL® bypass system for pumping lubrication material that significantly reduces torque and drag while setting down the casing.

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