DSI launches PBL UltiCirc© Multiple Activation Bypass Sub

Just as we thought perfection cannot be improved, DSI is offering the Energy Industry with yet another “innovative solution”. PBL UltiCirc©, the Ultimate Circulating Tool for Drilling, Completion and Workover operations.

Features / Benefits

  • PBL UltiCirc© unique catcher configuration allows dispensed balls to be captured in an off-set pocket hence allowing a clear and unobstructed Thru-Bore even after multiple activation. Hence rendering the tool ideal for retrieval operations through the circulating tool.
  • PBL UltiCirc© will close when the pumps are shut down minimizing a U tubing effect or possible well control issues that can occur in other tools
  • PBL UltiCirc© can be cycled numerous times in a single trip (standard 5 cycles but can be extended up to 10 cycles)
  • The ball shearing pressure in PBL UltiCirc© can be set to the operator’s preference


Pumping all types of LCM pills, including aggressive pills and cement squeezes
Increasing circulation rates for improved hole cleaning resulting in reduced torque and drag, thereby increasing ROP
Increasing annular velocity in highly deviated and horizontal well-bores where removal of cutting beds and hole cleaning are problematic
Fluid displacements
Sub-sea riser/BOP jetting
Acidizing and stimulation treatments
Coring applications