PBL Multi Activation Jetting Tool

This product was developed for special applications, for example cleaning inside the BOP.
PBL Booster Tool
PBL Booster Tool

PBL Jetting Tool

Diverse cleanout operations

The Jetting Tool is a specialised solution for various cleanout operations. The design features an outer spiral sleeve containing up to 30 nozzles, allowing high velocity jetting operations to be carried out without rotating the drillpipe.

Activation Mechanism

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Standard Ball

Fast ball

Fast Dart

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Standard Ball

Fast ball

Fast Dart

The simplest and most reliable tool for most applications. To activate the tool, a vinyl ball is pumped down. When the tool opens operators are not limited in the size or concentration of LCM they can pump. For deactivation two steel closing balls are dropped and pumped down to close the tool and drill ahead. The tool can be activated and deactivated again up to five times – extended catcher cages accommodate up to ten cycles.

  • Temperature: Up to 260°C or 500°F
  • Density: 1.34sg or 11.2 ppg
  • Fast ball is a much denser activation ball – in comparison to the standard ball – and used in applications where high mud weights and high temperatures occur. This feature allows for a quicker activation of the PBL tool which is especially helpful in situations where there is limited or no circulation.

  • Temperature: up to 260°C or 500°F
  • Density: 2.50sg or 20.9 ppg
  • A heavy dart, which can be used in the highest mud weights, or where mud cannot be circulated – i.e. packedoff situation. Allows activation by gravity drop. It is much faster than a standard ball, which reduces activation time significantly. Descent by gravity only: can be used in wells with a maximum inclination up to 55°. Descent by being pumped down: can be used in wells with a maximum inclination up to 90°.

    Drilling experience

    Our product specialisation together with our experience, gained over 20 years of supplying the PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System, gives DSI unprecedented technical knowledge and expertise. For our customers, this means increased security and reliability when it comes to applying our products and services.

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    “DSI PBL Tools are capable of offering Constant Split Flow as well as On-demand Split Flow features, True or False?”

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    Using PBL for Vibration Mitigation

    If off bottom high speed string rotation during clean up cycle is a concern (vibrations, tool failures, etc.), a PBL tool can be used as an alternative for achieving the hole cleaning objective. Activating the tool to bypass flow above the BHA will allow for higher flow rate by eliminating the BHA and bit pressure losses. Depending on the hydraulics and ECD limitations, if high flowrate can achieve a turbulent regime across the drill pipe annulus, this can be effectively used to achieve the hole cleaning objective without subjecting the BHA to high speed off bottom rotation, thus preventing any further risk of damage/ failure to the BHA.