DSI PBL® Burst Disc Bypass Tool


DSI launches PBL® Bypass Tool with Burst Disc Feature

Building on its reputation of being the best known, most reliable, widest application circulation tool on the market, the PBL Multiple Activation Bypass Tool now gives operators even more flexibility. With the incorporation of a high pressure/ high temperature Burst Disc into the lower section of the PBL tool, BHA and bit pack-off issues can be easily remediated by allowing an alternate flow path to re-establish circulation and regain well control through activation of the PBL tool.

Features / Benefits

  • Burst disc has all features and benefits of standard DSI PBL Tool. Hence, no effect on normal PBL tool operation,
  • Burst disc is an additional option to the existing PBL Bypass System which will not interrupt the normal operation of the PBL Sub.
  • Since the Burst Disc is incorporated into the existing ball catcher Sub , BHA length will not be affected.
  • High back pressure ( negative differential pressure) capability of 5000 PSI,
  • The Disc also have ability to withstand 5000 PSI back pressure so not to rupture from annulus side when TIH without filling pipe to allow running tools in hole without filling pipe if needed.
  • The Burst Disc installed in the PBL® Bypass Tool will have a rating for operations based upon circulating pressures and bottom hole temperatures. Initial options will be 6500 PSI burst pressure at 250F and 7500 PSI burst pressure at 350F. Higher burst pressure rating can also be provided if required.
  • Once ruptured, the flow diameter of the disc is 1” (0.785 sq.in TFA) to accommodate high flow rates if required.
  • Once utilized Burst disc can be easily replaced after every use. A blank plug will be available to replace burst disc if option not required.