PBL® activated multiple times to deliver LCM and cure persistent losses for a major deep-water operator in Brazil


Control mud losses through the PBL® Bypass System, using high concentrations of LCM in the 12-¼” vertical hole section of an exploration well in a pre-salt environment without having to POOH to control losses.


As a standard procedure for this traditional operator, the 8 ¼” PBL® Bypass System was included in the BHA to allow high concentrations of LCM to wellbore if losses were encountered.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Utilizing the PBL Bypass System as part of the drilling BHA saved four trips and resulted in huge cost savings for the client. Drilling through pre-salt layers, losses occur quite often, and given the complexity of drilling BHAs and high cost for drilling rigs, the PBL® Bypass System is highly recommended in these scenarios. Additionally, the use of an extended ball catcher sub is recommended as it offers increased cycle availability for the PBL® Bypass System, if required.

Key facts