Do solutions to complicated problems need to be complicated?


Let us have a show of hands from those of you who believe a complicated problem can only be resolved by a complicated solution. We sure hope there are not many who believe in this! Why do we need to introduce more complications to the already complicated problems? Instead, we suggest that we ought to be exploring simple and proven methods that can effectively reduce the level of complication by a few notches or else they cannot really be considered as SOLUTIONS.


We at DSI do not claim that we have a panacea for all the Drilling and Completion ailments, but we do believe that we have simple, dependable, and well-proven solutions to lost circulation and limited circulating rates for effective hole cleaning operations. We do not offer “Magic Balls” or complicated electronic systems that require “Activation / Deactivation Flakes” or “pulses” nor do we offer “complicated” and “fragile” dart systems that should not be unpackaged or else the customer pays for them. We offer a simple technology which has proven itself time and again over the past 2 decades. A system that is simple and an activation/deactivation method that is dependable and easily detectable at the surface each and every time. We offer a system with a proven operational efficiency rating of 99.7% world-wide. We offer simple solutions to often complicated problems. We offer PBL Multiple Activation Bypass Systems.

Justification / Conclusion

Let us identify the problems and see if DSI-PBL Bypass Systems offer solutions to any of these problems. In other words, let us see whether our products tick all the correct boxes.

  • Lost Circulation (Displacing LCM or Cement)
  • On-Demand Split Flow Feature
  • Permanent Split Flow Feature
  • Ability to perform fishing / retrieval operations through the PBL tool
  • Ability to re-establish circulation at zero circulation once the bit is plugged
  • Ability to alter activation ball size for same size tool
  • Ability to run with other ball or dart activated devices
  • Ability to run with pipe severance tools such as HyPR HoleSaver
  • Ability to run multiple circulating tools in a string
  • Ability to have different density activation media based on the mud weight
  • Ability to drop the Gyro
  • Ability to clean BOP stack without rotating the pipe

Key facts