DSI launches PBL® DXM-Series© Multiple Activation Bypass System

PBL DXM-Series© is DSI’s Dart Activated, Multi-Cycle, circulating tool developed on the back of DSI’s world renowned and extremely reliable PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System.


  • PBL DXM-Series© is offered with a range of especially designed activation systems to cater for our clients’ specific needs. Three categories of activation systems are available whereby, individually or in combination, these can provide solutions to multitude of challenges faced by our clients in Drilling, Completion and Workover operations.
  • PBL SD (Standard Dart) activation system
  • PBL SFD (Split Flow Dart) activation system
  • PBL USFD (Universal Split Flow Dart) activation system


Multiple Activation capabilities
Ability to drop the Gyro
All Dart Activation Capabilities
100% Bypass and Split-Flow Capabilities
Ability to Activate or De-activate at any angle
High Pressure / High Temperature Capabilities
Ability to re-establish circulation at zero circulation
Ability to have different size activation dart with same size tool
Ability to be run in conjunction with third party ball activated devices
Full five cycles as standard. Extended cycle tools available on request