PBL® Bypass System – Optimized Hole Cleaning, Less Operating Time – Thru-Tubing Services - Argentina

Argentina CT Opt Hole Clean Less Time


Increased Flow Rate in Coiled Tubing (CT) BHA to provide optimal hole cleaning capabilities, while dressing multiple plugs on an unconventional completion job. Location: Vaca Muerta Field – Unconventional Drilling and Completion.


2-7/8” PBL Bypass System was added to the 2-3/8” CT BHA to allow increased flow rate upon activation; 2500 m lateral section at 2600 m TVD.

Results & Benefits

  • PBL was successfully activated several times, allowing flow rate increase from 3 bpm @ 8500 psi to 4.5 bpm @7000 psi.
  • 100 % of the plugs were drilled and cleaned out of hole.
  • 50 % less wiper trips; less operating time.
  • Increased CT equipment lifecycle on account of less wiper trips.
  • Presently, more than 100 jobs have been successfully executed using this application.
  • 2 7/8” PBL Bypass System has become the local service reference for this type of application.

Key facts