PBL Booster Tool


The Booster Tool is a simple and reliable system that will save the operator a substantial amount of rig time and thus money.

PBL Booster Tool

DSI FZE is pleased to introduce a new option for splitting the flow while drilling, completion and workover operations. With a single ball activation/de-activation cycle a pre-calculated amount of drilling or completion fluid will pass through the Booster Tool and on to the BHA below while the remaining fluid is diverted out of the Booster Tool ports. The ability to split the flow gives the operator more options on available hydraulics and hole cleaning parameters.

The proven PBL ball-drop technology enables operators to precisely determine when the tool is closed /opened position and an integrated float minimizes tool length while maintaining well control. The tool can becycled (opened and closed) 10 times.

Field interchangeable jetting nozzles are directed up-hole allowing for increased annular fluid velocity while minimizing well-bore erosion and maximizing hole cleaning. The fluted main body has a wear reduction coating applied in the exterior contact areas to allow for increased durability, well bore interaction and reduced vibration. All of this contributes to higher tool reliability.

At the time split flow is required, a single ball is inserted and pumped down to the Booster Tool. After the ball lands on the seat the blocked passage will allow the pressure to build and cause the sleeve to shift downwards. When the ball shear pressure is reached the ball will shear thru seat and the ball drops into ball catcher below. The spring loaded sleeve travels upwards and remains in the open (split) position. In this position the ports in the sleeve are now aligned with the main body orifi ce allowing for the flow to split.

To close the Booster Tool another single ball is pumped down. Pressuring up on the sleeve shifts it downwards until the ball shear pressure is reached and the ball shears thru the seat. The spring loaded sleeve travels upwards and remains in the closed position allowing for all of the flow to exit the bit.

Splitting the flow allows a much higher flow rate above the MWD-LWD and DD tools in the string.This enhances hole cleaning without altering drilling efficiency (at the bit)