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We utilize this tool in every drill string below the surface casing in our well. We are well pleased with the performance of this tool.


Gerald Beasley, Drilling Superintendent, Enron Oil & Gas India Limited


The main applications are: pumping LCM across loss zones, pumping acid for stuck pipe, increasing flow rates to clean the 9.5/8" above 7" liner lap with 4.3/4" OD drill string, and displacing well bore fluids during completion operations. These tools are being used on a regular basis by Occidental Petroleum and various drilling operators with minimal problems. It is anticipated that these tools will continue to be used and more frequently as the benefits are fully realised by all concerned.

Phil Woodard
Senior Directional Drilling Coordinator
Qatar, Sperry-Sun Drilling Services

Shared Service Drilling (SSD) has utilized the PBL subs with very favourable success as an integral drilling tool since December of 1996…In general terms, the savings attributable to keeping BHA in the hole while spotting the high concentration LCM pills is near $50,000 per occurrence….SSD has been quite satisfied with the service provided by PBL Inc. and plan to continue to utilize the specialty subs in the foreseeable future.

Lames E. Smith
Senior Drilling Engineer
Shared Service Drilling

The PBL sub allowed drilling with nozzles in the bit while still being able to spot large amounts of lost circulation materials…In areas where lost circulation is expected, especially multiple L.C. zones, we will continue to use the PBL tool.

S. Jay Milner
P. Eng. Drilling Engineer
Chieftain Development Co. Limited

Petroleum Development Oman have been using the PBL subs with success for the last 24 months…The PBL sub is now a standard component of the drilling BHA in Oman.

Pierre Andre
DES Manager
United Engineering Services L.L.C.

The sub has been used primarily for drilling in formations where severe lost circulation is encountered…It has proven to be a reliable tool meeting our performance expectations.

L. N. Westmark
Imperial Oil / Esso

We have been using the PBL tools extensively on BP Forties operations for the past 18 months we have found them to be a very reliable tool no matter how many times they have been cycled during drilling or workover operations. The tool provides us with a very effective means of achieving enhanced flow rates when required.

Drew Liel
Drilling Superintendent
Noble Drilling

We have been using the PBL subs for all clean-up operations on the Shell Central Field over the last two years without a single failure. Using the PBL subs has greatly enhanced the speed and quality of our well clean-up operations and combined with it's track record, we therefore intend to continue using the above tools on our forthcoming operations.

Hans de Vries
Senior Drilling Engineer
Santa Fe Drilling Company (North Sea) Limited

No operational problems were experienced in running and/or functioning the tool when required…Based on these initial results, the PBL Bypass System would seem to be an effective downhole tool for control of lost circulation without affecting to any observed degree normal drilling operations.

P. Kapral
Drilling Supervisor
Mobil Oil Canada Limited

The multi-open/close feature of the PBL sub with the ability to rotate pipe has allowed us to now effectively and cost efficiently clean up our wells. In fact I would say I had not been able to attribute any Non Productive Time on the completion side to pipe dope or drilled solids for the last three or four wells.

Ian Frizell
Rig Superintendent Eider
North Cormorant and Cormorant Alpha