PBL Multi Activation Jetting Tools

The Multi-Activation Jetting Tool is totally balanced and is unaffected by hydrostatic pressure. In addition, the ball shearing pressure can be set to operator¹s preference.

Multi Activation Jetting Tools

The PBL Multiple Activation Jetting Tools utilize the same industry proven components
used in the PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System. Enhanced cleanout operations are conducted through an array of jet nozzles (up to 30) positioned throughout the sleeve.

The PBL Multiactivated Jetting Tool has many uses in the drilling and
completion environment:

  • Removes build-up of drill cutting and mud cake that attach to riser, BOP and wellhead walls
  • Can be utilized in conjunction with various brush and cleanout tools for maximum riser cleanup
  • Additional drilling cleanout can be run in the work-string with the Multi-Activation Jetting tool, since the jetting tool can be selectively opened and closed
  • Cleanout of BOP, risers, liner hangers and liner tops without additional pipe trips
  • When included as part of the drilling BHA, cleanouts can be conducted while tripping out of hole without rotation of drillpipe